North Carolina HOUSE



·           Equal Pay for Equal Work

We need legislation to ensure that men and women workers doing “substantially similar” work, regardless of title differences or being at a different work site under the same employer get paid an equal wage.  I will fight for equal pay justice.

·         Affordable Childcare for Working Women

Our state child care assistance programs helps eligible families to pay for child care while working or attending school.  With only one income, the average cost of child care is far out of reach for single mothers, especially those with two or more children.  Child care assistance can help families with these high child care cost.  I will work to strengthen our state “Work First Family Assistance” program.

·         Raising Teacher Pay

In 2017, the National Educational Association reported that NC is ranked 35th nationally in teacher pay.  We can do better and I will work to increase teacher pay.

·         Raising the Minimum Wage

The working people of North Carolina are locked into low wage jobs that don’t allow them to make ends meet even working two jobs.  I will work to create ways for people to escape the gravity of a low wage economy.  The main way we can begin to provide immediate relief to working families is to increase the minimum wage.  I will work to increase the minimum wage.

·         Veterans Benefits

I am a Veteran and a decorated USAF combat pilot.  I understand our need for Veterans’ services.  I will work to improve access to services for our Veterans, their families and their survivors.  I will work to increase the “Property Tax Homestead Exemption” for our Disable Veterans.

·         Reversing Cuts to Education & Working People

North Carolina’s paid health retirement benefits for teachers are shrinking and premium cost for teachers is rising.  NC eliminated benefits for people unemployed twenty weeks or more and ended pay raises to teachers who completed Master’s Degrees. I will advocate to restore these benefits for our workers.